Dear Mr. Witaker


Wamp Wamp What It Do

Thxx so much boyz and Fa-TAL BazooKA, love yall, more kick push groovin' in the big 07!



This just in from headquarters:
Walt has sent in a picture to express his gratitude and love for the ladies and he has once again declared war on trampy VincentExpeditions.

We thank the old chap for his courage to come forth and shall find new ways tomorrow of conquering the homeland. All hail the Rick Koblenz emperor of the Sun.


In all fairness...

...he's got big balls he does, that nocie fella.
Hacking our post and all. He really has no idea what we have in store for him. And that store is having a huge Photoshopping blowout soon!
Just for the history books and all, the original post can be viewed right here at

Still with even more love,

Team vx

We always had a hunch...

...and now that he admits it well... we're kinda sure.
So all ye faithfull vx-followers, follow us to Noctos' Blog, he's a member of the dreadful LPF, and see for yourself.
Just in case he deletes it one of these days (that would be the day that he finally realizes that something on his blog went wrong) just in that case you can view it right here.

It's not that we have such a grudge against Noctos, heck he's the only one of the LPF we ever shook hands with over drinks and cigars, it's just, he makes it so damn easy.

With Love,

Team VX


We bring a mere message of peace

This website saw the light of day when two groups of people, both with talents a plenty, started battling for the greater visual good. At one point, some of them (noctos from LPF, Mr. Goap & Dolores from VX) joined forces to create a company film for CEgO, Centrum voor Ervaringsgericht Onderwijs. Originally we weren't too hot with the result, but now, with post-production almost finished, we are very pleased and would like to share it with the rest of you.

Due to bandwidth issues on the VX-site, we've uploaded a Flash-version of the movie, thus the quality isn't top-notch. This is just so you guys can have a quick peak and tease you long enough until we upload a proper quicktime-version.

Don't forget to turn on your speakers or put them headphones on. The CEgO soundtrack has been made by our favorite you-know-who's.
Without further ado, enjoy:

C E G O m o v i e

With Love,

Team VX

ps: you like the result noctos?


Yes, we are kittens, cats, pussies if you like...

We, daily dolores and visual expedition, wave the pure virgin white flag of peace, love and harmony. The fight has made us tired and a-social towards our parents. We wish to not fight anymore, but join hands and create beautifull things together. Things like films, webdesigns or hell, even babies. As a token of our surrender we present you with the following picture, depicting us on our knees begging you guys please, to stop the fight and make love.



One Pimp. Two Pimps.

Straight from Noctos' Blog:

Alright some more plugging. This one is in particular for all 3D employers: vrlabs has a new demoreel online. There's also a slight preview in it for our gaming fans worldwide (but it's only a model, so yea wait for more goodies).Startthecritique!